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Coming To A C2 Near You!!

Matthews Buses Inc. is proud to introduce the first C2 with First Light’s Illuminated Destination Sign in the Country.
First Light’s Illuminated Destination Sign significantly improves the awareness and visibility of the school bus by oncoming motorists with a sleek design that is brighter and easier to read. The fully illuminated Destination Sign allows the bus to be seen at greater distances, multiple angles, all times of the day, and in dangerous weather conditions.

Sign features include:
-Visible from 1,000+ Feet
-Readable from 300+ Feet
-Externally Mounted
-Compliant with Regulatory Standards
-Protected from Water & Dust
-Impact & Scratch Resistant
-Black Out Options
-Customizable Text, Colour, Shape, & Size
-Easy Installation & Maintenance
-Temperature Range of -50 to 185 degrees Fahrenheit
-Over 50,000 Hours of Illumination
– Automatic or One Touch Operation

Ask your bus salesman for a quote once available in Q4 of 2019.

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