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Transporting little passengers is a big job. So is maneuvering a bus through whatever conditions come your way. That’s why our childcare buses are built to the same legendary standards as our school buses. The difference? No yellow paint, stop lights or stop arms. Yet, unlike passenger vans, our childcare buses meet all of the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) and Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety Standards… See Types of Buses


Field trips. School teams. Band competitions. Scouts. Summer camps. For every trip, there is a Thomas Built activity bus to get you there. And every one is built to the same high standards of quality and safety. In fact, Thomas Built activity buses meet Multi-Function School Activity Bus (MFSAB) standards. Our history as a leading maker of school buses sets Thomas Built apart…. See Types of Buses


At Thomas Built Buses, we provide options for commercial buses. We offer three different choices: EFX, C2 and HDX. And whether your focus is local routes or long trips, we have plenty of options to customize each bus to your specific needs. In addition to function and versatility, customers choose Thomas Built because of our unwavering commitment to safety and reliability. Those are two important factors when making a long-term investment in city or commercial buses….. See Types of Buses


Not only are these transit vans spacious and able to transport up to 19 passengers but they do it in style. The shuttle van makes any trip no matter how short it truly feels like a first class ride. This shuttle van comes with considerable 38-inch outward opening doors and low steps. This allows for quick and effortless loading.
The Mercedes transit van’s seating can easily be customized for hotels, airport shuttles and so much more. The Mercedes shuttle van is built to help grow your business. The Mercedes transit van has created a blueprint for hardworking commercial vans. See Types of Shuttle Vans


We also have some Commercial Bus stock units available for purchase. See Stock Inventory.

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